Chatbot Features

Ask the right questions

Criteria based conversations and instant legal guidance is the first step in marking a good impression with your potential clients. According to the 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report, 80% of your potential clients are looking for a response and a clear understanding of how to proceed when they first contact a lawyer.


Very few law firms can qualify and/or reject legal consumers in the very first conversations. SimplyConvert's criteria based questions allow your firm to understand how you can assist the legal consumer from the very first conversation.

Instant notification

Using AI to qualify cases and instantly notify your lawyers/legal staff of qualified potential clients is the best combination for making sure you make a good first impression on potential clients.

Prioritize outreach

Instant rejection of unqualified leads and automated lead ranking gives your legal staff the tools they need to make sure they are prioritizing their outreach effors.

Automation = more signed cases

Enabling automated e-sign contracts and client outreach on qualified clients increases your signed cases by 5x!

Live Chat Cost Calculator

Former live chat users found the real cost of live chat not quantifiable. Upon audit, firms report as many as 75% of paid live chat leads resulted in individuals who were either unreachable or had hired another lawyer during the delay receive information.

Use the calculator below to see the true cost of live chat, then try SimplyConvert - FREE for 30 days - and see how much you save.

Total cost of live chat for this month: Number of leads billed: Total signed cases from live chat this month: Cost per chat: $00.00
Intake specialist hourly pay rate (estimate): Estimated number of minutes spent on initial intake: Estimated number of times your staff tries to reach a lead before rejecting:

Additional cost per signed case from live chat: $00.00