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Camp Lejeune Litigation Resource Center

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act is set to be the largest recovery for veterans since World War II. Over one million Marines, family members and civilian workers will learn that the country they gave their life to protect did not protect them. It is imperative that lawyers representing our vulnerable veterans take time to understand this litigation – it is unlike any mass tort litigation before. 

SimplyConvert is the all-in-one Camp Lejeune Acquisition and Management Tool, designed to retain your clients from intake to settlement. With real-time tracking of campaigns and client status, integrated Navy JAG filings, and the capability to protect your inventory from duplicate filings, we invite you to experience efficiencies you only dreamed of up until now.

SimplyConvert's Camp Lejeune Litigation Platform: the comprehensive client intake, data management, and administrative filing system, customized for the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Litigation. No other platform sets the litigation up for success like SimplyConvert, managing your clients from intake to filing and beyond. 


SimplyConvert Tools, Features and Services for Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune Insights


“We have been working with Jessie and her team at Simply Convert for the last year, and their expertise in data analytics has a profound impact on the entirety of the Camp Lejeune litigation. They are in the best position to contribute to the plaintiffs' database since they have been on the ground gathering important information about Camp Lejeune claimants even before the CLJA was passed. And because of the information we learn from their weekly roundtables and analytics of the data they've collected, our firm is able to make more informed decisions on behalf of our veteran clients and their families. What sets them apart from any other mass torts data analytics company is their commitment to the veterans and families this litigation is serving- not only does Jessie and her team understand the nuances of capturing data in a meaningful way, they also understand the intricacies of this litigation and how it will affect claimants--ie: understanding causation and the different conditions as it relates to exposure to certain chemicals during different time frames. They've succeeded in creating a database which contains critical information of the CLJA claimants while maintaining transparent and streamlined processes with the plaintiffs' counsel they have partnered with to obtain this information. Jessie and her team's dedication to understanding the specific needs of the CLJA litigation, relationships with hundreds of plaintiffs' firms and expertise in data analytics sets them apart and makes them a trusted partner in the mass torts industry.”

Jamie Mauhay Powers
Attorney | Kershaw Talley Barlow


“As a Partner at Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. and someone who has worked in the mass tort arena for 24 years, I have worked with several litigation management platforms. I have had the privilege of working with SimplyConvert since the passage of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. Their services and platform have been an invaluable resource for my firm, and numerous firms around the country who represent plaintiffs in this important litigation. Their platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that have been particularly helpful in this large-scale litigation. They have EXTREMELY ACCURATE and powerful Reporting and Analytics along with a user-friendly interface. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of exceptional mass tort data management and solutions. In addition to the litigation management platform, they also host weekly interactive roundtable discussions on the most important and pressing issues surrounding the Camp Lejeune litigation and issues that affect this particular set of claimants. I have been a regular attendee of these round table discussions since the passage of the Act, and have learned so much through these events. What stood out to me was the quality of the discussions. Unlike more formal settings, the round table format encourages active and candid conversations that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing. I would highly recommend participating in such discussions to anyone interested in gaining insight into this important case. Finally, Jessie Hoerman and her entire team demonstrate a deep understanding of what is needed in this case and they appreciate how time is of the essence in all facets of this litigation.”

Sindhu Daniel
Partner | Grant & Eisenhofer P.A.

Brother Rutter

“I wholeheartedly recommend SimplyConvert for the plaintiffs’ database. We have used it in other litigations, but have especially found it extremely helpful with our Camp Lejeune Inventory. I’ve tried so many different programs over the years, and all of them tend to have issues at scale. Most provide the basic needs of a database to store and retrieve information, but in a complex mass tort litigation with literally hundreds of potential inputs, other programs get cumbersome with just information retrieval, before even getting to data analysis. But SimplyConvert has handled the scale and complexity of the Camp Lejeune litigation with ease. Unlike so many other programs, it’s retrieval and analysis functions are incredibly intuitive. As we add team members, it takes very little time to get them up to speed on all aspects of the database. I am convinced that if SimplyConvert is adopted for this litigation it will add speed, efficiency and accuracy to the necessary database functions.”

C. Arthur "Brother" Rutter III
Managing Partner | Rutter Mills LLP


“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the SimplyConvert team. They have been at the forefront of the Camp Lejeune litigation and have helped disseminate useful information to the Plaintiffs' bar. Their coordinated efforts and insight has been invaluable to us and hundreds of other law firms around the country. Anyone with the opportunity to use their services should jump at the chance. We are sure glad we did and remain grateful for their continued leadership and insight.”

M. Brandon Smith
Partner | Schlueter & Smith, LLC


“Our firm has used SimplyConvert's platform since inception. The platform's development and tools have allowed us to increase our intakes by nearly 1,000%. We also have access to data and analyses that previously couldn't even be considered. From this, we've not only become more efficient, but we've developed into better counselors for our clients because our response time is quicker and our ability to discern and analyze problems is more robust. The system continues to adapt and improve, which gives us comfort in knowing that we're always progressing.”

Tyler Schneider
Partner | TorHoerman Law LLC

Ken King

“King Law Firm began working with Simply Convert in August of 2022. We implemented their platform for our Camp Lejeune claims from initial client intake to case management. We found the program to be user-friendly and an effective way to sort our client database. Beyond case management, the weekly Roundtable meetings have been invaluable in terms of discussing this evolving area of litigation with other professionals.”

Ken King
Partner | King Law Firm

SimplyConvert's Camp Lejeune Litigation Circle

Uniting Legal Minds: Advocating for Camp Lejeune Water Victims' Justice

The Camp Lejeune Litigation Circle — part of SimplyConvert's Circles Community — is your one-stop shop for discussing best practices, deciphering the latest developments, and learning how to use our platform to fit your every need as you and your firm fight for justice on behalf of your clients in the Camp Lejeune mass tort.

The Benefits:

  • Access to Leading Attorneys: Joining the circle grants you unprecedented access to an exclusive group of fellow Camp Lejeune litigation attorneys, who you can network with, bounce ideas off, and tackle every challenge in real-time. Never before have attorneys in such a high-profile mass-tort had immediate access to one another, to help advance the common goal of securing justice for our nation’s heroes.
  • Real-time Platform Support: With a case as large and complex as Camp Lejeune, users need to adapt their SimplyConvert platform alongside every twist and turn in the litigation. Luckily, this community provides real-time access to our solution architects to ensure your SimplyConvert solutions are exactly where you and your firm need them to be.
  • Weekly Camp Lejeune Roundtables: Every Thursday from 1-2 p.m. ET, users get access to our weekly Camp Lejeune Roundtable, where we discuss the latest developments in the Camp Lejeune litigation and how to optimize your use of the SimplyConvert Camp Lejeune Plaintiff Database. Users can continue the discussion in the Camp Lejeune Litigation Circle, asking follow-up questions, connecting with speakers and participants, and accessing recordings of past roundtables.
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