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SimplyConvert Platform

SimplyConvert is rich with features to help manage your intake process


Automated Client Intake

Start with the Right Client Intake Questions

Utilize case criteria developed by leading lawyers in each practice area or litigation. As litigations develop, changes are made to the criteria in real-time. Automatic lead ranking helps you sort and assess your caseload. With case criteria available for more than 125 litigations and practice areas, you can be set up to start taking cases in a new area in minutes.   

Instantly Evaluate Cases All Day, Every Day

SimplyConvert's Instant Case Evaluator engages legal consumers in conversation and takes them through a series of criteria-based questions. When your case criteria is met, you can choose to manually send your contract or utilize our available automated contracting to immediately ask qualified individuals to sign your retainer agreement.

The Instant Case Evaluator is available in multiple formats, including: 

  • Chatbot
  • Landing Pages
  • Smart Contact Forms
  • Call Center Integration
SimplyConvert Instant Case Evaluator™

Auto Follow-Up with Qualified Leads

Pre-written drip marketing campaigns nurture qualified potential clients that aren't quite ready to sign your retainer, answering FAQs, explaining the process, and keeping your firm top of mind.

Get Notified in Real-Time 

You and your staff are notified about new clients immediately and can login to the dashboard to view details.

Reach Out to the Client Right Away 

A letter or video from you personally introduces your firm to the client and tells them what to expect next.

SimplyConvert CRM for Law Firms


Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Meet with your Client, Fully Prepared to Discuss their Case

SimplyConvert's CRM for law firms helps you manage your relationships with potential and signed clients in real-time from all lead sources. With client details and contact information organized in your CRM, you can easily keep track of interactions and communications, and improve overall client relationships. 

Easily find all the information you need in the SimplyConvert CRM, specifically tailored to the needs of law firms. 

Access all the details you need:

  • Read the bot conversation
  • Review staff notes regarding the case
  • Manage and store required forms
  • Communicate with the client via phone, text, email
  • Review client communications: phone calls, emails, texts, correspondence

Streamline Communication, Keep Clients Engaged and Informed

SimplyConvert's integrated mass email tool enhances your firm's communication capabilities, allowing you to efficiently send targeted, personalized emails to specific groups of clients or contacts. This can include newsletters, requests for information, and other important updates.


"SimplyConvert completely simplified our intake method by organizing our client outreach efforts. As a result, we increased our client conversion rate and simplified our referrals to/from trusted law firm partners. Without SimplyConvert, we would be living in today's world with 2005 processes. I cannot recommend it enough."

Tyler Schneider
Attorney | TorHoerman Law, Edwardsville, IL



Referral Platform

Centrally Manage Inbound & Outbound Referrals and Co-Counsel Deals

Keep track of your communications and fee agreements with co-counsel and keeps everyone on the same page with real-time reporting. Referrals have never been easier.

  • Refer Cases with a Click
  • Get Notified When New Cases Come In
  • Automate Referrals with Playbooks
  • Track All Referrals in One Place

Join the SimplyConvert Referral Community

SimplyConvert has a community of trusted lawyers across the country. Let us help you find a home for qualified potential clients in different jurisdictions or outside your area of expertise. 

SimplyConvert Case Referral Platform


CaseHQ™ Client Portal

Allow Clients to Provide Information through Secure Client Portal

Streamline the completion of all necessary documents and obtain electronic signatures from your clients. Clients can complete questionnaires on their own, with the help of your staff or SimplyConvert's intake team, ensuring your cases are ready to be filed. 

Treater Database

SimplyConvert's Treater Database helps you get medical records right the first time. Clients “select” treaters, facilities, and pharmacies through our healthcare database, ensuring you have the correct contact information. 


Reporting Dashboard

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Real-Time Reporting

With real-time reporting and customizable dashboards at your fingertips, you have the insights you need to drive your firm and your cases like never before.

  • Intake Overview
  • Lead Sources
  • And More…
SimplyConvert Reporting Dashboard


Intelligent Data Management

SimplyConvert harnesses the power of your data. Our approach to client data governance allows you to manage countless data points for thousands of individual clients while maintaining bird's eye visibility and control over your entire caseload in real-time. SimplyConvert turns your data into actionable insights.

With all the information you need at your fingertips, you are better equipped to communicate with clients, co-counsel, referral partners, and experts.

SimplyConvert's data architecture ensures your client information is organized, secure, and easily accessible. We believe in making integrations easy so that you can engage specialized providers for necessary services in any phase of the litigation (i.e. medical record retrieval, lien resolution, etc.), driving efficiency, transparency, and accountability. 



SimplyConvert Integrates

With SimplyConvert you can create a seamless workflow with integrations.

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