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Your Complete Legal Intake Solution

SimplyConvert has an intake solution everywhere you communicate with potential clients

Live Chat 

SimplyConvert increases engagement over traditional live chat by up to 400% while instantly evaluating cases 24/7/365.

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Contact Forms
Made Smarter

Contact forms are essential to legal websites, but they don’t have to be useless. Smart contact forms offer your visitors instant guidance.

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Call Center

Organize and boost client conversion on your manual intakes through use of criteria-based scripts and automated guidance in real time.

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Landing Pages

If your landing page isn’t doing everything it can to engage leads and convert them into clients, you could be missing opportunities.

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Live Chat Replacement

SimplyConvert's Instant Case Evaluator™ chatbot does it all. 

Live Chat Cost Calculator

Former live chat users found the real cost of live chat not quantifiable. Upon audit, firms report as many as 75% of paid live chat leads resulted in individuals who were either unreachable or had hired another lawyer during the delay receive information.

Total cost of live chat for this month:

Intake specialist hourly pay rate (estimate):

Estimated number of minutes spent on initial intake:

Number of times your staff attempts to reach lead before rejecting:

Number of leads billed:

Total signed cases from live chat this month:

Cost per chat


Additional cost per signed case from live chat:


Ask the right questions

Criteria-based conversations and instant legal guidance are the first steps in making a good impression with your potential clients. 


Instant notification

Using AI to qualify cases and instantly notify your lawyers/legal staff of qualified potential clients is the best combination for delivering a great first impression to potential clients.


Very few law firms can qualify and/or reject legal consumers in the very first conversations. SimplyConvert’s criteria based questions allow your firm to understand how you can assist the legal consumer from the very first conversation.

Prioritize outreach

Instant rejection of unqualified leads and automated lead ranking gives your legal staff the tools they need to make sure they are prioritizing their outreach effors.

Automation = more signed cases

Enabling automated e-sign contracts and client outreach on qualified clients increases your signed cases by 5x!

Contact Form Replacement

See what makes SimplyConvert Forms smarter

Looks like a “dumb” form

“Contact Us” website pages are essential, but how quickly does your team respond to them? If the answer isn't "immediately!" your contact us page is essentially useless.

But acts like a chatbot

Replacing your dumb form with SimplyConvert’s form gives users one last chance to get legal guidance rather than waiting to hear back from your team.

All your leads in one place

Using SimplyConvert’s form keeps all of your web leads in place, making management easy.

Fully customizable

The appearance of the form is fully customizable with custom CSS to make the form fit right in on your website.

Contact Form

"Working with Jessie and SimplyConvert has been fantastic. They are responsive, listen to feedback and understand the legal industry. In short, they are everything you would want in a business partner."

Tom D’Amore
D’Amore Law Group

Call Center Integration

SimplyConvert makes your call center more effective.


Goodbye call center scripts

Unlike “customized scripts” offered by other CRMs, SimplyConvert’s call center integration goes a step further. SimplyConvert empowers your internal and external intake specialists to give your callers legal guidance and have the tools to contract qualified client at the moment they intend to hire a lawyer.

Instant text message response (coming soon)

Enable instant text message reponses to callers when your intake specialists can’t answer the phone, encouraging callers to get instant information using the automated chatbot rather than waiting for a return call.


Capture all calls in one CRM

Instant rejection of unqualified leads and automated lead ranking gives your legal staff the tools they need to make sure they are prioritizing their outreach effors.

Live call transfer (coming soon)

Optionally enable your mobile phone chatbot users to transfer to a call rather than completing their chat.

No training necessary

Forget CRMs that require your firm to build scripts. SimplyConvert is ready to go in minutes after signing up.

Integrate Call Tracking Metrics

No phone call goes overlooked, even if the caller chooses not to leave a message.

Conversational Landing Pages

Landing pages with contact forms are a thing of the past

Competitive edge

Legal keywords have some of the highest cost per click when advertising on Google. If you are not qualifying clients at the moment they intend to hire a lawyer you could be wasting advertising money by losing clients to the competition.

Start with the conversation

More than 60% of legal searches are performed on mobile phones. Conversational landing pages give users what they are looking for, a conversation that progresses through criteria-based questions similar to texting instead of filling out a clunky contact form.

Direct the conversation

You set up a landing page for a particular purpose, start the conversation with that purpose in mind: “I can help you check your eligibility for a car accident case.”

Cut the confusion

Use a single call to action on your landing pages. Web visitors that find your landing page have a simple legal question - can you help them? Make it simple - give them a simple way to find out.

Instant legal guidance builds trust

According to the 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report, more than half of your potential clients will shop around for a lawyer. It also notes that 81% want a quality response, and 79% of those individuals will be gone within 24 hours. Given that clients are likely to reach out to more than one firm when they experience a legal problem, the first legal responder is likely to win.

More cases, same investment

Maximize your advertising dollars through automation. More than half of your potential clients will shop around for a lawyer. Guidance followed by automation stops the search.


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