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Mass Torts 360™

Secure client data depository and delivery system

The Future of  Mass Tort Litigation

Mass torts are called mass torts for a reason: these massive litigations involve thousands – and sometimes even hundreds of thousands – of claimants, millions of data points, and countless steps from intake to resolution. Litigation of this magnitude requires a platform capable of organizing, analyzing, and managing enormous amounts of claimant data.

Designed by a mass tort lawyer for mass tort lawyers, SimplyConvert’s Mass Torts 360™ utilizes advances in technology to bring a more tech-forward and efficient process to handle the stress points in mass tort litigation. Whether you’re in the leadership of an MDL or have a handful of cases, our one-stop shop for mass torts is uniquely positioned to help you navigate every step of the litigation.

Powerful for Law Firms,  Unbelievable for MDL Leadership.

The Power of Client Data

SimplyConvert's approach to client data governance allows you to manage thousands of individual clients while maintaining full visibility and control over your entire caseload in real-time. With Mass Tort 360™, data evolves from cumbersome documents, PDFs, and spreadsheets to actionable and organized insights, separating what’s important from the fluff. Our robust reporting engine empowers you to make strategic and efficient litigation decisions that best serve your clients.

From intake to settlement, every element of data we gather from the client is housed in their secure client portal and updated in your SimplyConvert dashboard. Easily and securely share de-identified client data with experts, courts, and all other critical parties with these permission-based dashboards. Strict information management protocols ensure the integrity of client data and allow you to view real-time reports and populate documents for court filings on demand. This allows every lawyer to apply expected settlement assumptions to each client, even at a scale in the thousands. Referral partners are provided a dashboard, giving them details on joint-clients and real-time transparency.

Collaboration Simplified

Unlike other claim management systems and databases, Mass Torts 360™ changes the structure and timing of accessing critical client data, putting more control in the hands of key decision-makers at an earlier stage. With Mass Torts 360™, leaders in mass tort litigations can make informed decisions based on structured data obtained from the very first signed clients, rather than waiting months until court-ordered forms are shared. Our solution provides a view of de-identified client data from lawyers opting into an MDL or a settlement structure through a simple grant of “permission” on their secure SimplyConvert dashboard rather than a complicated and resource-heavy upload process.

All parties to the litigation can have separate real-time “views” into the same de-identified client data without the need for uploads or exports, increasing satisfaction with disclosure and willingness to share costs. A trusted data warehouse enables efficient collaboration, with everyone accessing the latest updated data.

Automate Client Intake. Take Control of your Data from the First Conversation.

Customized Prioritization of Your Cases

Firms can rank and sort cases based on any measure desired (injury, date, age, referral firm, etc.) and see adjustments in real-time, at the simple sort of a dashboard. This allows every lawyer to develop an internal settlement matrix from a much earlier stage of the litigation and keep their referral partners up to date on client communication and filings in real time.

Check for Dual Representation Issues

The Mass Tort 360™ Dual Representation Detector protects your mass tort inventories from dual representation issues, starting at intake. The Dual Representation Detector™ scans your caseload for clients that have signed with multiple law firms, allowing you to address duplicate representation matters before you spend time and money litigating cases.

Build Normalized Client Data Profiles

Normalizing client data refers to the practice of organizing data entries to ensure they appear similar across all fields and records, making information easier to find, group, and analyze. Normalized client data makes your firm more efficient – it eliminates repetitive questions and removes staff involvement in completing plaintiff fact sheets, census forms or complaints.

Upon intake, Mass Torts 360™ immediately starts sorting, filtering, and analyzing client data to build normalized client profiles that are updated in real-time at every development and with every new data point as the litigation develops. As Mass Torts 360™ collects intake data, records, plaintiff fact sheets, client interviews, and more for each claimant, automation goes to work in efficiently organizing and analyzing the data to help you build your clients' stories in a consistent format, helping ensure the justice they deserve.

Effortless Deficiency-Free Filings

One of the biggest advantages of using normalized client data is the ability to generate streamlined, deficiency-free documents and claim forms. With a single click, you can produce required filings. Missing data points are flagged for your quick review, ensuring forms are complete before submission. Need to update client information? SimplyConvert synchronizes the changes across the board. Plus, prioritize reviews for high-severity or high-settlement potential cases based on your criteria and effectively group similar claims for efficient analysis.

Bolster Referral Relationships  & Increase Collaboration

With Mass Torts 360™, you can automatically refer cases based on predetermined criteria that sorts the cases you want and the cases you don’t. Then you can automate referral arrangements and keep referral partners informed about client status through their own client dashboard.

Client Engagement  and Communication

Collect Information from Clients

Mass torts can take years to resolve, but at the same time, a lot can happen very quickly in this type of litigation. Lawyers need a way to keep their clients proactively engaged, informed, and on board with what’s required to deliver their justice and recovery. In cases with thousands of clients, law firms simply don’t have the time to manually call or email each client with updates or requests for information and documents.

Keep Clients Engaged & Informed

With Mass Torts 360™, automated and individualized client engagement emails keep your clients informed of litigative developments while encouraging them to provide updated information via the secure client portal (i.e., changes to medical status, address changes, etc.). With ongoing communications from your firm, clients are reassured that you're actively working on their claims and are less likely to look elsewhere for assistance or file pro se claims.

Track Every Client Interaction

With client details and contact information organized in your SimplyConvert CRM, you can easily keep track of interactions and communications. SimplyConvert allows you to quickly access staff notes regarding each case, manage and store required forms, communicate with clients via phone, text and emails, and review all client communications from their profile.

Brother Rutter sq

"I’ve tried so many different programs over the years, and all of them tend to have issues at scale. Most provide the basic needs of a database to store and retrieve information, but in a complex mass tort litigation with literally hundreds of potential inputs, other programs get cumbersome with just information retrieval, before even getting to data analysis. But SimplyConvert has handled the scale and complexity of the Camp Lejeune litigation with ease. Unlike so many other programs, it’s retrieval and analysis functions are incredibly intuitive. As we add team members, it takes very little time to get them up to speed on all aspects of the database. I am convinced that if Simply Convert is adopted for this litigation it will add speed, efficiency and accuracy to the necessary database functions.”

C. Arthur "Brother" Rutter III
Managing Partner | Rutter Mills LLP


Innovating to Advance Mass Torts

SimplyConvert Mass Torts 360™ has been a work of passion by a frustrated mass tort lawyer, a full-time team of coders, and years of testing. Who better to build the mass tort platform of the future other than a team that understands all the pain points of a mass tort practice?

We have our ears to the ground when it comes to the latest litigation and developments in our industry. We remain in constant dialogue with leaders of various mass torts to customize our solution for both ongoing and future mass torts. As a cutting-edge, tech-forward platform, we’re committed to not only keeping up with the times but remaining ahead of them.


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