Call Center Integration Features

No training necessary

Forget CRMs that require your firm to build scripts. SimplyConvert is ready to go in minutes after signing up.

Instant guidance - better than a script

Unlike "customized scripts" offered by other CRMs, SimplyConvert's call center integration goes a step further. SimplyConvert empowers your internal and external intake specialists to give your callers legal guidance and have the tools to contract qualified client at the moment they intend to hire a lawyer.

Instant text message response (coming soon)

Enable instant text message reponses to callers when your intake specialists can't answer the phone, encouraging callers to get instant information using the automated chatbot rather than waiting for a return call.

Integrate Call Tracking Metrics (coming soon)

No phone call goes overlooked, even if the caller chooses not to leave a message.

Live call transfer (coming soon)

Optionally enable your mobile phone chatbot users to transfer to a call rather than completing their chat.

Capture all calls in one CRM

Capture all caller information in the same location as all other intakes, allowing you to qualify and prioritize ALL intakes in a single place - regardless of the intake source.