Referral Community Features

What should your firm refer?

Cases outside your expertise – the SimplyConvert chatbot is an “all-knowing” chatbot that is built to qualify potential clients in over 50 legal practice areas (and growing). If you can’t help a qualified potential client, why not send to a lawyer that can?

Lack of Jurisdiction – SimplyConvert has a community of trusted lawyers across the country. Let us help you find a home for qualified potential clients in different jurisdictions.

Up-front-costs – Maybe your firm doesn’t have the funds to pursue a complicated case like medical malpractice or mass torts. Why not send these cases to firms with greater resources or experience?

Two kinds of Referrals in SimplyConvert

Manual Referrals – An offer to refer a case to a trusted legal partner is sent instantly with the simple press of a button.

Automated Referrals – Does your firm consistently refer a certain litigation type to a trusted lawyer? SimplyConvert allows you to automate this relationship - send these cases to your referral partner the moment the potential client reaches out. Automate contracts and follow up that reflect your co-counsel arrangement to maximize efficiency and conversion.

Tracking Referrals

  • Track fee split arrangements from the very first communication about the potential client
  • Track conversations between potential client and trusted referral partner
  • Track status of contract
  • Track status of litigation
  • Run reports showing all referrals in and referrals out by litigation, status, and law firm

A word of caution - While the ABA rules allow for fee referral agreements, you must determine if your state follows the ABA rules or requires additional steps for referral.