CRM Features


User-friendly dashboard designed to easily manage the status of your law firm’s clients and potential clients in real time.

Call center integration

SimplyConvert empowers your internal and external intake specialists to give your caller’s legal guidance and have the tools to contract qualified clients at the moment they intend to hire a lawyer.

Simplified referrals

Boost your referral fees and expand your network. The process of referring clients and potential clients to trusted attorneys is simplified with the SimplyConvert referral network and platform. Client interactions, fee splits and status updates are shared with partners in real time.

Reports for data-driven insight

Make data-driven decisions with real-time reporting. Track the KPIs (key performance indicators) important to the success of your firm by campaign, source, litigation or any other dimension.

Integrated client follow up (Drip)

Client Drip campaigns are a great way for you to stay on the top of the mind of qualified potential clients who are not yet prepared to hire a lawyer. Use SimplyConvert templated drip campaigns or customize your own follow up campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Templated Emails

SimplyConvert comes loaded with templated potential client outreach emails, rejection emails, handoff emails to introduce your firm to new clients and many other outreaches.


SimplyConvert makes integration with other platforms simple through webhooks & API.


SimplyConvert is user-friendly, no training is necessary to get started. But, when you are ready to step up your intake conversion rates, SimplyConvert is ready with training videos and FAQs. Further support available through the Dashboard.