Automation in Action

Automation Features

Automate Knowledge

SimplyConvert’s all-knowing chatbot continues to get smarter as we add more lawyers to the community.

Automate Decisions

Successful law firms invest in tools that make their legal intake process more efficient. The decision of whether or not your firm invests time and effort into individuals that reach out to you can/should be simplified by categorizing potential clients into one of three outcomes - “qualified” individuals are those that either your firm or a referral firm can assist; “pending review” individuals are those that you need more information from before a decision can be made, and “not qualified” are those individuals that will not require follow up.

Automate Contracts

Sending contracts to qualified potential clients at the moment they intend to hire a lawyer provides users with a better client experience, which translates to increased case conversion.

Automate Client Nurturing (Drip campaigns)

Only a fraction of the individuals that reach out to your law firm are ready to hire a lawyer. Drip campaigns can and should play a major role in helping potential clients think of your firm when they are ready to hire a lawyer.

There is no substitute for a call from your legal team. But, thoughtful emails and/or texts that keep the potential client thinking about your firm are a great supplement.

SimplyConvert client nurturing emails are fully customizable.