Step 1: Choose Your Plan

30 Day Free Trial Included on All Plans
*One-Time Set Up Fee of $500 per law firm.

Instant Case Evaluation

Replacing live chat results in double engagements, double qualified leads, and significantly reduce staff time spent chasing non-qualified leads.

$30/Quality Engagement

Virtual Case Assistant

All of the benefits of Instant Case Evaluation + automate intakes and client follow up to boost client conversion rates on any/all practice areas/litigations.

$30/Quality Engagement
Additional $70/signed contract

Rapid Growth Law Firm

Best for law firms that are looking for an intake partner to invest in their growth.

*One-Time Set Up Fee of $500 per law firm.

SimplyConvert Lets Lawyers Be Lawyers

What are Quality Engagements?

Your firm pays only for quality engagement leads. Unlike live chat, conversations with SimplyConvert are designed to give you the information you need to make an immediate decision about whether you can assist a web visitor. If your firm is unable to assist the person, simply discard the lead on your Dashboard or in your email notification within 7 days and you will not be charged for the lead.

What is the benefit of an Instant Case Evaluation?

Increased leads are great, but law firms need clients, not leads. Boost signed client conversion rates by automating contracts. E-sign contracts are provided to qualified leads instantly - at the moment a qualified lead intends to hire a lawyer. Nearly half of signed clients do so instantly. Instant notification of qualified potential clients to your staff + automated client follow up ensures that your law firm remains on the mind of all qualified leads that need more time before hiring a lawyer.