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Additional $20/signed contract


AI powered, all-knowing chatbot

Automated follow up and contracts

Unlimited dashboard users

Refer cases instantly inside referral network

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For law firms that are looking for an intake partner to invest in their growth

Letting Lawyers Be Lawyers

What are Quality Engagements?

SimplyConvert guides web visitors through lawyer developed legal criteria designed to gather only the most relevant information needed to make a determination of qualification.

Your law firm pays only for quality engagements and will have information upfront so you can make that determination instantly.

What is the benefit of Automating Contracts?

Law firms that send automated contracts to qualified potential clients increase the number of signed cases by 500% and decrease the cost per signed case by 80%.

Providing consumers with instant guidance may stop the search for another lawyer, but providing potential clients with a contract increases your conversion rates even more because you are able to capture a client at the moment they intend to hire a lawyer.

Do I have to pay extra for the CRM?

No. SimplyConvert has a fully robust CRM working overtime to keep you connected with your potential clients from the initial chat through to contract, and you don’t pay a dime for it.

Today, there is no comparable product on the market. SimplyConvert is a combination of a chat bot and a fully robust CRM/referral platform. As a disruptive and innovative product, we have no price to model ourselves after.

Because we built this platform for our own legal practice, we know that to be an effective tool everyone in the firm must use it – we will never charge per user. And, because we understand the business of running a law firm, we know the best products are investments in successful practices.

Simple, transparent pricing flexible enough to work for every size law firm.