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Women En Mass 2022

Aspen, CO | October 2-5th, 2022

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Women En Mass (WEM) 2022

Women En Mass is an annual conference for female mass tort attorneys to meet and share their experiences, building positive relationships and professional connections. Women En Mass 2022 will be held in Aspen, CO on October 2nd - 5th at the St. Regis Resort. Hosted by Aimee Wagstaff of the Wagstaff Law Firm, this event will bring together the top female mass tort attorneys for a three day structured discussion on the issues that women face in the legal industry, as well as a healthy amount of free time for attendees to enjoy their surroundings and connect with like-minded attorneys, paralegals, vendors, and more. 


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SimplyConvert at the Women En Mass 2022 Conference

SimplyConvert is proud to attend the 2022 Women En Mass Conference, joining an exciting line-up of female mass tort attorneys and legal experts. SimplyConvert was founded by Jessie Hoerman, an experienced attorney who was seeking tech-forward solutions to client intake and management. Years later, SimplyConvert is now helping law firms reach potential clients in new ways and changing the way intake and management are undertaken. 

About TruLaw

Born out of a strategic partnership between SimplyConvert and The Search Engine Guys (TSEG), TruLaw offers comprehensive client acquisition services for personal injury law firms of all sizes. The partners in TruLaw have been a trusted source of legal information and legal marketing since 2008. Under this new partnership, our client outreach and management capabilities are stronger than ever. TruLaw covers client acquisition from SEO and multi-platform advertising outreach, to qualification, case management and ensures that in the end, victims are compensated for their injuries no matter the litigation. Our complete digital strategy optimizes how plaintiff law firms generate client inventories, combining SimplyConvert’s client intake and data management platform and TSEG’s outreach expertise.