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Trial Lawyers Summit

Miami, FL | January 18 - 21, 2024

Trial Lawyers Summit - Miami

About the Trial Lawyers Summit

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Trial Lawyers Summit happening in January. It's a renowned event that brings together the nation's most exceptional civil plaintiff and criminal defense lawyers. This summit is all about creating networking opportunities and offering insightful sessions to enhance your trial and business management skills. It doesn't matter if you're stepping into the courtroom for your first case or your hundredth; the path to perfecting your practice begins right here at the summit.

Trial Lawyers Summit - Miami 2

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The Go-To Team for Client Acquisition

The digital marketing expertise of TruLaw Powered by SimplyConvert, combined with SimplyConvert's comprehensive client intake platform, makes us the go-to team for client acquisition. 

TruLaw Powered by SimplyConvert meets your potential clients where they are in the digital space and then uses SimplyConvert's Instant Case Evaluator™ to engage them in a conversation and evaluate whether your firm can assist with their case. When individuals qualify, SimplyConvert can instantly send your contract — stopping their search for a lawyer with your firm.

Instead of focusing on page views, clicks, and incomplete leads, we deliver real, verified clients — pre-qualified, signed with retainer, medical authorizations, health care provider information, and secondary questionnaires. You also get a seamless client experience with a single point of contact and real-time reporting. Finally — you can stop worrying about where your next case will come from and focus on representing injured individuals.


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