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CEO Lawyer Summit 2022

Atlanta, GA | December 11-14th, 2022

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The CEO Lawyer Summit 2022

The CEO Lawyer Summit 2022 is a meeting for law firm owners and legal entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses and expand their client reach. The CEO Lawyer Summit 2022 will be held in Atlanta, GA on December 11th - 14th at the Downtown Westin Hotel. Born from the efforts of Attorney Ali Awad, the CEO Lawyer Summit focuses on transitioning law firms' old ways into a modern, digital-first approach that ensures results both for lawyers and their clients. Learn more about the CEO Lawyer Summit here


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About TruLaw

Born out of a strategic partnership between SimplyConvert and The Search Engine Guys (TSEG), TruLaw offers comprehensive client acquisition services for personal injury law firms of all sizes. The partners in TruLaw have been a trusted source of legal information and legal marketing since 2008. Under this new partnership, our client outreach and management capabilities are stronger than ever. TruLaw covers client acquisition from SEO and multi-platform advertising outreach, to qualification, case management and ensures that in the end, victims are compensated for their injuries no matter the litigation. Our complete digital strategy optimizes how plaintiff law firms generate client inventories, combining SimplyConvert’s client intake and data management platform and TSEG’s outreach expertise.