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Spend Less - Convert More

SimplyConvert in 2 Minutes


Your AI, lawyer-created case qualification system built on the SimplyConvert™ platform.

CASEY is just one tool available under the SimplyConvert™ platform built to engage your web visitors in a guided conversation that results in automated action taken immediately.

Automated Conversion Rate Optimization

Artificial Intelligence transforms the chaos of your client intakes into an organized conversion system

Hire CASEY and get out of her way!

Do Leads Control You? Or Do You Control Leads?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace law firms need smarter tools to increase effectiveness and ROI using existing resources.

  • SimplyConvert™ transforms the intake process.
  • Real-time tracking of every lead.
  • Fully customizable dashboard.
  • Fully searchable and sortable.
  • Simplified outreach and retention of all lead information means your firm wont miss out on later opportunities.
  • Export data and integrate with practice management platform.

Data is Power

  • Real-Time Analytics
    Growing and properly managing a law practice requires an understanding of all your firm's numbers inside and out.
  • Focus on Success
    SimplyConvert™ tracks campaigns from lead to settlement allowing you to draw insight and optimize performance.
  • Reporting
    Reports are fully customizable and available in real-time