Why SimplyConvert?

SimplyConvert's automation tools put every step of the intake process - from first conversation to signed contract - on autopilot.


Qualify leads with our all-knowing AI powered chatbot

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Refer cases with a click

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Track every lead, from every source, in one place

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The Results

Increase Engagement
0 %
SimplyConvert vs. Live Chat + Dumb Forms
Decrease Cost
Per Engagement
0 %
Automatically Reject Leads You Can't Assist
Decrease Cost
Per Signed Client
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Sign 5x Cases With SimplyConvert Automation
Automation Increases
Case Conversion
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Qualified Clients Sign Instantly

We turned to SimplyConvert because it provided "always on" assistance to our site visitors. We were thrilled to see an uptick in the number of inquiries generated on our website by simply replacing our old chat widget with SimplyConvert's.

Reza Torkzadeh


Automated Intake Bot

Your AI, lawyer-created case qualification system built on the SimplyConvert platform.

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Your intake process should not be complicated. If it is, you are going to lose clients. SimplyConvert completely simplified our intake method by organizing our client outreach efforts. As a result, we increased our client conversion rate and simplified our referrals to/from trusted law firm partners. Without SimplyConvert, we would be living in 2020 with 2005 processes. I cannot recommend it enough.

Tyler Schneider

TorHoerman Law

Feature Rich Dashboard

User-Friendly, Legal CRM with an integrated e-sign contract platform and customizable automated email follow ups – for no additional charge.

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Working with Jessie and SimplyConvert has been fantastic. They are responsive, listen to feedback and understand the legal industry. In short, they are everything you would want in a business partner.

Tom D'Amore

D'Amore Law Group

Conversation to Client

Start with the conversation - 81% of potential clients want a timely response to the legal questions they ask. SimplyConvert is designed to give potential clients what they want - instant legal guidance over 50 practice areas and growing.

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Please don’t tell any other lawyers about this.

Tor Hoerman

TorHoerman Law

Expand Your Practice

Visitors Contact Your Firm

SimplyConvert asks criteria-based questions in 50+ practice/litigation areas, and growing.

Qualify Potential Clients

Qualify and lead rank web visitors instantly using powerful lawyer developed problem solving platform.

Refer Potential Cases Instantly

Keep the cases your firm can assist on, Refer out the cases you can’t, with one simple click