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Leading Law Firms Instantly Evaluate Cases with SimplyConvert

Why SimplyConvert?

SimplyConvert is the premier legal tech platform to reach and convert potential clients, streamline case management from intake through resolution, and securely maintain data for real-time analysis. Founded by a mass tort lawyer and developed with a team of legal specialists and programmers, SimplyConvert puts every step of the intake process — from client intake to case filing to resolution — on autopilot.


Instant Case Evaluator™

Our automated client intake chatbot evaluates cases 24/7/365 with lawyer-created case criteria. Auto-retain qualified clients and auto-reject unqualified leads. Learn More


Specially built for law firms, our feature-rich CRM helps you manage your relationships with potential and signed clients by keeping all their details organized. Learn More


Keep the cases you want, and refer out the ones you don’t. Track communications and fee agreements and keep everyone on the same page with real-time reporting. Learn More

Client Portal

Keep clients proactively engaged, informed, and on board with what’s required to deliver their justice and recovery. Allow clients to securely provide information. Learn More

Reporting Dashboard

With real-time reporting and customizable dashboards at your fingertips, you have the insights you need to drive your firm and your cases like never before. Learn More

Data Management

Manage countless data points for thousands of individual clients while maintaining bird's eye visibility and control over your entire caseload in real-time. Learn More

Tom D'Amore

"Working with Jessie and SimplyConvert has been fantastic. They are responsive, listen to feedback and understand the legal industry. In short, they are everything you would want in a business partner."

Tom D’Amore
D’Amore Law Group

Sean Keith

"As a smaller law firm specializing in single-incident personal injury cases, we have prided ourselves on delivering personalized and efficient legal services to our clients. Since integrating SimplyConvert into our operations, we have been able to expand our practice without increasing our team size, and we are managing a higher volume of cases without sacrificing the personalized attention that our clients deserve.

Streamlining our intake process with SimplyConvert has allowed us to auto-retain more clients per month without significantly increasing the administrative burden on our team, so we can focus on providing quality legal representation to our clients.

One of the standout features for us has been the mass outreach capabilities of SimplyConvert. The ability to send personalized video updates to all our clients via email has been a game-changer. This not only enhances our client communication but also fosters a stronger attorney-client relationship. Clients appreciate the transparency and regular updates, creating a sense of trust and confidence in our firm.

SimplyConvert’s innovative solutions have allowed us to manage our caseload more effectively, automate key processes, and provide high-quality service to our clients."

Sean T. Keith
Attorney | Owner | Keith Law Group


"Jessie and the SimplyConvert team have taken case acquisition to an entirely new level. The platform is incredibly easy to understand and use with reports on leads and signed cases at our fingertips at any time. Integration with our firm's case management system was quick and pain-free. With its easy, cost-effective platform run by honest, hard-working professionals, SimplyConvert is really a no-brainer."

Paula Bliss
Co-Founder / Partner | Justice Law Collaborative


"SimplyConvert has given our potential clients a choice in how they would like to retain us. More and more people do not want to talk to a live representative and handle things online. SimplyConvert gives clients that option. The platform's seamless integration has streamlined our case management from intake through sign up, while ensuring the secure maintenance of data for real-time analysis. Working with SimplyConvert has been a game-changer, enhancing our efficiency and success in the legal field. Clients are literally signing up while we are asleep. It's a win-win."

Mike Morse
Attorney and Founder | Mike Morse Law Firm

"SimplyConvert’s willingness to ensure that its outreach to survivors entails a trauma-informed approach is unheard of in this industry. Jessie and her team embraced and incorporated suggestions showing the company’s commitment to helping survivors gain access to justice in the least triggering way."

Co-Founder / Partner | Nationally Known Law Firm Specializing in Trauma-Informed Legal Services


"Please don’t tell any other lawyers about this."

Tor Hoerman
Owner / Attorney | TorHoerman Law


"We turned to SimplyConvert because it provided 'always on' assistance to our site visitors. We were thrilled to see an uptick in the number of inquiries generated on our website by simply replacing our old chat widget with SimplyConvert's."

Reza Torkzadeh
Senior Partner | TorkLaw


"Your intake process should not be complicated. If it is, you are going to lose clients. SimplyConvert completely simplified our intake method by organizing our client outreach efforts. As a result, we increased our client conversion rate and simplified our referrals to/from trusted law firm partners. Without SimplyConvert, we would be living in today's world with 2005 processes. I cannot recommend it enough."

Tyler Schneider
Attorney | TorHoerman Law

SimplyConvert Features

SimplyConvert is the award-winning platform that is changing how law firms handle client intake, manage client relationships, and grow their practices.

Increase Visitor Engagement


SimplyConvert vs. Live Chat + Dumb Forms

Decrease Cost Per Engagement


Automatically Reject Leads You Can't Assist

Decrease Cost Per Signed Client


Sign 5x Cases with SimplyConvert Automation

Increase Case Conversion


Qualified Clients Sign Instantly with Automated Contracts

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