Fully Customizable Intake Tools

From chat invitations to exit intent pop-ups, we have created SimplyConvert to be a highly optimized lead intake system so you never miss the perfect case.

Every tool is customizable so you can fine-tune your intake strategy:

Two Interfaces - Same Instant Evaluation

No two law firms are the same, that's why we designed SimplyConvert to give you choices.

Regardless of the interface you choose, the bot is backed by the same Instant Case Evaluation technology.

Conversational Bot Interface
Instant Case Evaluator Interface

Contact Forms Made Smarter

What makes SimplyConvert Contact Forms Smart?
  • Integrated with your Dashboard so all your leads go to one place

  • Prompt visitors who complete the form to use the bot for instant evaluation - saving you time by reducing need for follow up

  • Fully customizable design so contact forms look and feel right at home on your website