Case Criteria Features

Conversation to Client – For Your Firm or Referral Partner

Start with the conversation - 81% of potential legal clients want a timely response to the legal questions they ask. SimplyConvert is designed to give potential clients what they want – instant legal guidance in over 50 practice areas and growing.

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Qualify Potential Mass Tort Clients with Updated Criteria Instantly

No need to hit a list serve to find out current mass tort legal criteria - SimplyConvert keeps you updated on criteria so you can qualify clients instantly for retention or referral.

Assist Legal Users in Legal Practice Areas Outside Your Expertise

You can’t help everyone...or can you? Client-centered law firms should have processes in place to recommend the right lawyer when legal issues fall outside your area of expertise. SimplyConvert’s “all-knowing” chatbot is designed with the client in mind. Your firm may not know how to qualify clients in other practice areas, but we do.