Conversational Landing Page Features

Competitive edge

Legal keywords have some of the highest cost per click when advertising on Google. If you are not qualifying clients at the moment they intend to hire a lawyer you could be wasting advertising money by losing clients to the competition.

Start with the conversation

More than 60% of legal searches are performed on mobile phones. Conversational landing pages give users what they are looking for, a conversation that progresses through criteria-based questions similar to texting instead of filling out a clunky contact form.

Direct the conversation

You set up a landing page for a particular purpose, start the conversation with that purpose in mind: "I can help you check your eligibility for a car accident case."

Cut the confusion

Use a single call to action on your landing pages. Web visitors that find your landing page have a simple legal question - can you help them? Make it simple - give them a simple way to find out.

Instant legal guidance builds trust

According to the 2019 Clio Legal Trends Report, more than half of your potential clients will shop around for a lawyer. It also notes that 81% want a quality response, and 79% of those individuals will be gone within 24 hours. Given that clients are likely to reach out to more than one firm when they experience a legal problem, the first legal responder is likely to win.

More cases, same investment

Maximize your advertising dollars through automation. More than half of your potential clients will shop around for a lawyer. Guidance followed by automation stops the search.